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Wondering why you just simply could not get rid of flea? Well, you are not alone!

Many people has deem flea control as an uphill task and some has even think that it is simply impossible to get rid of fleas or even to keep them under a tolerable level.

We run a private animal shelter whereby we rescued strays mainly cats and dogs. As expected, they are mainly infested with dog flea and cat flea when they first arrived at the shelter. Believe me, It wasn't at all easy to keep the place flea free, not with new members being added every other day. Initially, we focused mainly on treating the animals but found that it isn't solving the problem at all! We realised then that there is more to it than just focusing on the animals alone.

We found that one reason why people failed in their attempts in controlling fleas is because they have overly simplified the whole issue about flea. What they see is only part of the whole flea life cycle. i.e the adult flea. Flea like butterfly also have different life stages and development. They go through a life cycle of adult flea which lay the flea eggs. The eggs will develop into larvae and then into the cocoon stage. Simply getting rid of the adult fleas will not solve your problem

Armed with the experience that we have gathered over the years, we decided to write this guide as a means to help people understand better and be in control of the flea problem. In this guide, we will show you how you can achieve success by following an integrated approach, whereby we will discuss how to get rid of fleas effectively

Firstly, a brief introduction on flea will give you a better understanding of these little enemies that you are trying so hard to get rid of. These little flea tends to bite their host i.e you and your pets and these flea bites may be a concern as it usually causes some discomfort in the form of itch or pain.

We will then discuss on the various flea treatment options available. Flea treatment for pets as well as House Flea Control will be covered in great details.

As more and more people are concern with the use of chemical flea control products, we will also take a look at how Natural Flea Control can be used to provide a solution to this pesky problem mainly with the use of natural, non-chemical products.

Throughout this guide, we will also include products that we have used and found to be effective against flea . As your are aware, new flea treatment products and measures that may be more effective are frequently introduced. As and when we come across new products that are proven to be effective, we would include them in this site. So do, bookmark this site so that you can refer to it later.

Wishing you success in your battle against Fleas!


Ann Wong


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