Home Remedies For Killing Fleas on Dogs


Many dog owners are frequently faced with these problems:

“How to get rid of dog fleas?”

What’s the best flea treatment for my dog?”

There are plenty of commercially available anti-flea products including shampoos, sprays, powder and topical spot-on solution. Though easy and convenient to use, these are all made up of synthetic chemicals that may not appeal to many especially for people who are very conscious and wary of the possible side effects related to the use of these chemicals. Many dog owners are also confused as to which is the best treatment to use on their dogs. 

If chemical warfare is not for you, then what follows may definitely interest you.-

"Home remedies for killing fleas on dogs"

Here are some natural flea control for dog that has been reported by dog owners to be effective in killing dog fleas. These do not involve the use of any synthetic insecticides and can easily be done using natural non-toxic products.

1. Use a flea comb for grooming

The simplest way in ridding dog fleas is by using a flea comb. Flea combs are specially made fine-toothed comb that could trap fleas and flea eggs on your dog’s fur. They are readily available in any pet shops. Firstly, get a dish of soap water ready before you start your daily grooming session on your dog. Fleas tend to congregate in places like the belly and lower back in dogs so pay special attention to these areas. Fleas and the flea eggs will be trapped in the narrow gap between the teeth of the comb. Immerse the comb in the dish of soap water. The fleas will be killed within a short while. Repeat the whole procedure over again. Though you would not be able to kill all fleas using this method, you sure would be able to reduce the fleas population significantly.

2. Next, would be a nice home bath for your dog.

Which is the best dog flea shampoo to use? Believe it or not, dawn dishwashing liquid works wonders for a flea infested dog. The oils in it will suffocate the fleas, keeps the eggs from sticking to the hair follicles, and also keeps your dog’s skin/fur from drying out. When using it, just make sure to soap up the dog’s neck first and this has to be done quickly, otherwise the fleas will swarm to the dog’s face and crawl in theirs ears, and nose to hide. You will notice many fleas crawling around their eyes when you bathe them if your dog is heavily infested with fleas. The trick is to completely soap them up, and then keep them saturated for at least 5 minutes. Rinse well, and most of them will be gone, or go away soon. You may have to follow up in a week or so to get rid of any remaining stragglers.

3. Then follow by a home-made flea spray.

Dog flea shampoo or the dawn dishwashing liquid used in bathing your dog has little or no residual effect and hence it offers little protection from dog fleas after the bath. As such, it is helpful to apply a flea spray on your dog after its bath to kill off or repel fleas. You can easily make a homemade flea control spray by simply mixing the following:

  • 600ml warm water
  • 2 drops of pure lavender essential oil
  • 2 drops of pure cedar wood essential oil

Shake well to mix the oils and then pour into a spray bottle. Spray the mixture of essential oils throughout your dog’s fur. Be careful when treating areas around the head and making sure that you avoid sensitive areas like the eyes. One drawback with the use of essential oil is that it evaporates quickly and hence you would need to reapply frequently to maintain its effectiveness.

Aggressive treatment of your dog by using the above mentioned home remedies for killing fleas on dogs is not sufficient to prevent re-infestation. Have you ever wondered why some dogs have severe flea problems, while others are hardly bothered by the little pests? Many dog owners are not aware that fleas can be viewed as an indicator of your dog’s general health. Parasites in general and fleas in particular, are most attracted to the weak, unhealthy, or very young animal whose immune system is not functioning well. Hence, the long-term solution to a flea problem is not simply just treating your dog externally but rather you should focus more on reducing your pets susceptibility to fleas by improving its health. Check out more details on how you can do so by visiting the section on “Flea Treatment For Pets” 


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