6 Tips for Keeping Your House Clean with Dogs

With dogs comes dirt and it can seem like a constant battle with fur, mud, food and other unmentionable things when trying to keep your house clean with dogs running around. But it’s not impossible.

While all dog owners will relate to the constant footprints, food stains and fur that seem to appear in every part of the house, if you follow these simple tips, you will go at least some way to keeping your house clean without going crazy, and still love your dogs at the same time.

Here are our six tips for keeping your house clean with dogs:

1. Clean up on an on-going basis

One of the constant battles with any pet-owning household is the need to use the vacuum cleaner constantly. Between the dog hair, the mud and any other dirt your pet decides to roll around in, it can be a 24-hour job.

Using a robot vacuum cleaner that you can set to run every night when you go to bed, could be a life saver, not to mention a time-saver. Also make sure you always have a lint roller to hand to get dog hair off those awkward places that a vacuum can’t reach.

2. Look after your dog’s feet

For this guest post we asked our friend Jane who writes for MyItchyDog.co.uk. Based on her experience and observation, she says that without a doubt most of the dirt and damage in any dog-owning household is caused by your pet’s feet in one way or another. Long toenails can cause problems on wooden floors and furniture so be sure to keep your dog’s nails trimmed.

Jane advises to try having a bowl of water and towel by the front door if you are going out for a walk, so when you come back you can wash and dry off your dog’s paws and feet before he even gets into the house – this tip could save a lot of cleaning up and hoovering.

Some people manage to train their dogs to wipe their feet but even if your dog isn’t that advanced, having a washable mat inside the front door is another way to try to catch the dirt from their feet before they come into the house.

3. Use specialist cleaning products

All our pets will have little accidents from time-to-time, particularly if they are feeling unwell or have eaten something dodgy, so make sure you have specialist cleaning products designed to remove stains but also pet odours from fabric and carpet. These will help to keep your house looking and smelling fresh no matter what your pet inflicts on it.

Try to tackle any kind of stain or mess as soon as possible, to avoid nasty odours from seeping through the whole house and invest in pet-friendly sprays if you are going to be using air fresheners to mask any nasty smells.

4. Invest in washable fabrics

It’s always good to give your dog his own washable bed to try to contain the mess, however, if he chooses particular spots in the house to sleep in, like a particular armchair, or perhaps on a favourite rug, then make sure those spots are washable.

You could invest in a comfortable throw, or washable seat cover for the armchair so that you can keep his favourite spots clean and odour-free, and make sure any rugs are also easily washable, to lessen the impact of those dirty feet.

If he chooses bigger areas to sleep on, then have some old sheets handy to cover those areas, like a sofa or bed, and then you can easily change them out and wash them when he is not sleeping on them. That way, the sheets might end up stained and smelly, but your furniture won’t.

5. Buy a washable food mat or tray

If you are fed up with scraping dried dog food off your kitchen floor, or mopping up spilt water from the water bowls, then try investing in a washable food mat or tray that can catch the mess and simply be washed at the same time as his bowls.

It’s a cheap and simple investment that makes it much easier and quicker to clean up the food area, without having to break your back bent over, scrubbing, and scraping the floor every day.

6. Buy strong furniture

Having a dog in your home will inevitably result in damage to any delicate or non-sturdy furniture items so if you have precious fragile rugs or items, move those into rooms where your dog is not allowed. In the rooms your dog is in the most, make sure you have strong and durable furniture that is not easily clawed and is easy to clean as this will make your life much easier in the long run. After all, you want to have time to enjoy your dog and your house, not spend your life cleaning up.

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