8 Pet Items That Should Be Replaced Regularly

As a pet owner, you carry a large amount of responsibility. Pet owners everywhere recognize how much goes into taking care of a pet, but they wouldn’t change a thing. In fact, many studies show that people who own pets feel happier than those who don’t! Despite all the extra havoc that can go into owning a pet, people still love their furry friends. A large part of pet ownership includes maintaining your pets’ items. Did you know that there are pet items you should replace regularly? Here are the most common items you should replace at regular intervals!

1. Their pet tag.

Pet tags are one of the main items you’ll need to replace regularly. Because pet tags hold important information, it’s imperative you keep them updated. If you move or change phone numbers or your pet develops an allergy or serious medical condition, you’ll want to update their tag. Metal tags also tend to need more frequent replacements than alternatives.

Silicone pet tags are a great option for your pet’s next tag! They’re durable and perfect for anyone who takes their pets on various adventures. You can include all the pertinent information without worrying that you’re missing something or excluding anything. When paired with other safety measures, a silicone pet tag is the best option for most pets.

2. Their food and water dishes.

Many pet owners rotate their pets’ food and water bowls multiple times a week. This is especially for pet owners who use bowls made of materials other than stainless steel, which continues to be the best antibacterial material for pets. While ceramic bowls might look cute, stainless steel bowls are unbreakable and non-porous and last much longer. They’re much more sterile than ceramic bowls, but you should still regularly wash and swap them out. This will help to clean out any smears or buildup in your pets’ bowls. If you haven’t changed their dishes recently, go ahead and get that done now. Your pet will thank you lots!

3. Their pet beds.

Replacing your pet’s bed every year or two, depending on how often they use it, will do wonders for your pet’s health. With more use, the more your pet’s bed is likely to lose its cushioning feeling and appear dull and lifeless. You might not notice it at first, but there’s a huge chance your pet is losing support because the fill and down of their pet bed is being squished. Replacing their bed will help your pet sleep better and for longer. Another option is to layer their bed with blankets so that you can easily wash the blankets frequently and add an extra layer to their bed.

4. Their medicines.

Just like with human prescriptions, pet prescriptions have expiration dates, too. Even if your pet only takes medications infrequently, it’s still important you keep up with their expiration dates and replace their meds regularly. This way, you won’t accidentally give your pet expired medicine. Expired medicine could make your pet sick, or it could be ineffective. Either way, regularly replacing their medicines will go a long way toward making your pets feel healthy.

5. Collars.

Just like with pet beds, collars can get dirty and messy after longtime wear. Many pets’ collars get filled with fur, the designs muddle and the threads get loose. And reflective coatings can peel or rub off, making the collar ineffective. Plus, who doesn’t love how fresh their pet looks with a brand new collar on? It’s good to replace your pets’ dog collar and leash set regularly to prevent them from looking very dingy. It can also help to keep them safer! Replacing collars regularly is always a good idea.

6. Litter boxes.

If you own a furry feline or two, then replacing the litter box is essential to ensuring a happy cat. Since most domesticated cats don’t go outside to use the bathroom, instead using a litter box, you’ll want to clean the litter box out at least once a day. And, about once every other week or once a month, depending on the type of litter box you have and what litter you use, you’ll want to clean out their old litter, wash the box and pour in fresh litter. Did you know that plastic absorbs odors? You should replace their plastic litter box every year to prevent it from smelling or releasing harmful odors into the air.

7. Frequently used grooming tools.

If you’re someone who frequently grooms their pets instead of taking them to the pros, you’ll want to switch out their grooming tools about once a year. The more and more you use them, the more and more likely they are to get clogged up, dull and not groom as well. If you’re noticing that your pets’ grooming tools aren’t doing as well as they have in the past, it might be time to replace them.

8. Pet toys.

Your pets’ toys shouldn’t stay the same for years on end. The more they play with them, the more the toys will get dirty and lose their fun. Squeaky toys can lose sounds, and chew toys can get littered with bite marks. You should replace and cycle out their pet toys every few months. Doing so will help to keep your pets engaged, healthy and excited. They’ll love getting to play with new toys! Make sure you vary up the types of toys you put out for them. If you think your pet is going too far with their new toy, such as your dog trying to pull it apart at the seams with their teeth, then you can always hide it in a canvas bin or put it away and bring out another in the meantime.

There are many pet items that you should consider replacing regularly. Whether it’s their toys, medicines or even their food and water dishes, your pet will thank you for keeping their lifestyle items fresh.

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