What Do You Feed a Dog With Cushings Disease?

An animal suffering from Cushings produces too much cortisol, leading them to overeat, drink excessively, urinate more often, pant more frequently, gain weight, develop a pot belly appearance and experience recurrent bladder infections or break out in little bumps (Calcinosis Cutis). His coat may thin as well. Cushings dogs benefit from eating food designed by … Read more

How Long Can a Dog Live With Hemangiosarcoma?

Hemangiosarcoma affects cells responsible for creating blood vessels and most commonly arises in organs like the spleen, liver, right atrium of the heart and skin; it may also occur viscerally such as within organ sacs such as the pericardium (sack surrounding heart). Although certain breeds may be predisposed to non-cutaneous hemangiosarcoma, any dog is at … Read more

How Long to Live in Canine Liver Failure

Your pet’s life expectancy depends on their stage of liver disease; from months to even just a few weeks. Hepatic Encephalopathy causes seizures and confusion by allowing toxic substances normally filtered by your dog’s failing liver into their brain, potentially triggering seizures or confusion in response. Stage 1 Prognosis for dogs with liver disease depends … Read more

How to Give a Dog an Enema

Enema treatments work by stimulating intestinal mucosa, softening hard fecal matter and softening its hard consistency. For maximum effectiveness and safety, commercially prepared enemas should be used. Provide your pup with a quiet place to rest before engaging him in gentle conversation to ensure a relaxing and successful enema experience. An enema available from pharmacies … Read more

How Much Dulcolax Can I Give My Dog?

Dogs suffering from constipation can display significant symptoms. They may become bloated, strain while urinating or emit painful yelps. While veterinarians often recommend using bowel stimulants, most dogs can recover from constipation without using medication such as Bisacodyl. As with all medication prescribed by veterinarians, Bisacodyl should only be administered under their advice and by … Read more