How Much Do Great Danes Cost? (all you need to know)

Great Danes are a special dog breed. And this is not just because they’re higher-priced. But also because they’re large and intelligent dogs. Though Hercules-like, Great Danes are friendly and loyal. It’s easier to form strong bonds with them in most homes.

They may look scary and intimidating. But if you train them and care for them, they won’t leave your side. Have you heard the term “gentle giants?” Well, now you know which dog breed they’re talking about!

It’s only natural to consider how much Great Danes cost. Their huge size is not just a physical characteristic. It affects everything from their diet to demeanor to exercise needs. 

You’re finally about to get acquainted with this exceptional dog breed.

How Much Do Great Danes Cost?

Having said all of this, let’s consider the specifics of their price.

1. Buying a Puppy


Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that Great Dane puppies have a higher price tag. The average price range is between 600 to 3,000 dollars. 

The wide gap between those two numbers is intentional. As it depends not just on the dog itself, but where you’re buying the dog from. The location, health checks, pedigree, etc. 

All these factors contribute to the cost of a Great Dane puppy. For example, if it’s a purebred dog, it’s more expensive than a dog with no pedigree. To put into simpler terms, there’s a tug of “price” between a show-quality Great Dane and a standard Great Dane. 

For homeowners looking for Great Danes as simply pets, things are much simpler. You care less about the Great Dane’s sparkling lineage. You don’t have a knight and shining pedigree (aka bloodline). Nor do you want all of the paperwork from the AKC which is the American Kennel Club certification. 

All this fancy paperwork is reserved for dog shows and competitions. If you’re simply adopting a puppy, you need to keep certain things in order to. Just that the dog is of good health and has no history of diseases. Even if that is, the breeder must possess the papers for it.

2. Buying an Adult Dog


Great Danes are rarely bought during their adulthood. Unless of course you’re not buying a Great Dane but rescuing or adopting one. In that case, Great Danes are much cheaper.

The average cost of adopting a dog from a shelter or such is 100 to 200 dollars. There are a couple of reasons why adopting an adult Great Dane is tricky. 

Well, for starters, dog experts claim it’s harder to train an older dog. You have to work harder and maybe even longer to get this done. This includes toilet training, obedience training, and behavioral correction. 

Besides this, there’s nothing to worry about. Adult Great Danes are just as companionable and affectionate. High-quality rescue shelters do a complete health checkup. And if you’d like, they also provide neutering or spaying services.

All You Need to Know About What Affects Cost

Buying a dog, such as a Great Dane, is not as simple. There are plenty of questions that need answering. Such as age, gender, training, and food. Let’s take a quick look at each of them. 


At what age should you buy a Great Dane puppy? You already know that puppies are more expensive than adults. But puppies can be anywhere from 0 to 12 months, right?

A lot of you may not know this, but a puppy’s age is very sensitive. You must bring home a puppy only once she’s between 8 to 12 weeks of age. Anything before is too early. And anything after may seem too late for some. 

If a breeder is willing to give up a pup too early, it’s an irresponsible move. Most professional dog experts and trainers frown upon such improper sales. 

So why 8 to 12 weeks? That’s a crucial time for a puppy to develop her cognitive and bonding skills. That’s also when she gets all her vaccinations and health treatments. So the price varies depending on this as well.

That’s why you’ll notice the price of a one-year-old puppy drop significantly. As the age increases of a Great Dane, the price tremendously drops. 


While most people recommend at-home training. It’s hard to say how equipped pet parents really are at training a Great Dane. Professional dog training, even a session or two, can be really helpful for new dog parents.

A quick session costs about 20 dollars or less depending upon the location. For more customized training sessions, like personal training, the cost is 150 dollars. This may cover you spending days with an expert trainer. To be able to understand and train your dog better.

Always remember. Clumsiness and ignorance in this regard are not tolerated. As it can cause severe behavioral problems as your pup grows up.


Great Danes are huge with a growing appetite. As they grow older, they need a lot of fuel to keep going. Male dogs even more so than female dogs. 

The average male Great Dane can eat is 7 to 10 cups of food daily. And a female dog can eat 6 to 9 cups. Hardly a cup’s difference but it’s there. 

Contrary to popular belief, Great Danes don’t require high proteins. They thrive on a more balanced meal. Food that’s low on proteins, fats, and calcium. Too much protein or calcium may cause health problems like accelerated growth. 

Great Danes also have a sensitive stomach. So high-fat diets can cause stomach issues like indigestion. Based on these calculations, a 40-pound bag of dog food per month is enough to sustain a Great Dane.


Great Danes are quite possibly one of the top largest dog breeds. And it’s this striking quality that makes them expensive. It doesn’t take a whole village to raise a Great Dane if you know what I mean. 

They’re extremely intelligent and affectionate. So this makes them excellent companions with a calming and sensible temperament. You can train them easily as they’re not defensive or get distracted. They will pay attention to you, there’s no doubt about it.

Now you know how much Great Danes cost. The initial costs, training fee, food bills, and monthly upkeep. Do you think you’re ready to adopt and care for a new pup?

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