How Much Does a Havanese Cost? How to Care for the Dog?

Havanese dogs may not be as popular as Pomeranians but they’re up there! They’re little, excitable, and adorable dogs. So if you’re considering buying a Havanese dog, you’ve come to the right place. This article right here talks about how much it costs to own a Havanese. 

The question of how much a Havanese cost is simple enough. But its answer is not quite so. You can look at either the initial cost of owning a Havanese or you could factor in ‘common costs’. They are the cost of training, food, health checks, toys, etc. 

I don’t know if you’ve guessed it yet. But Havanese dogs come from Cuba. They’re not only loyal but quite affectionate and enthusiastic. They would climb mountains to please you but the only difference is that they’d do it cleverly. 

If you really want to buy a Havanese dog, read the following information.

How Much Does a Havanese Cost?


A Havanese isn’t all that expensive to own. Their coat remains as is considering they are a non-shedding breed. You don’t need to invest a lot of money in food since they require very little exercise and so have a smaller appetite. Toys and training are a must to keep them stimulated and happy. 

So all things considered, how much does a Havanese cost?

The ideal cost of buying a Havanese is between 1000 to 1500 dollars. Even for a purebred, this is the recommended buying price. You can expect to go 100-500 dollars above if you want special, long-term certification. 

The prices of Havanese dogs vary depending upon location. Where are you buying a Havanese from? Is it a high-end seller? Or a rescue shelter? Or somewhere that meets right in the middle but with proper AKA certification?

Buying a Havanese puppy is more expensive than an adult dog. In fact, some breeders offer a discount.  If you’re willing to overlook the puppies and take home an adult Havanese instead. 

Some people contact a breeder directly for a purebred Havanese. Keeping in mind the dog’s pedigree, heritage, and medical history. Making sure you trust the breeder is important. 

However, over-breeding dogs are not the ideal setting. When there are already so many pups on the market to be sold. Don’t you think you’re better off looking for a Havanese? One that’s already been born and has the same potential you’re looking for.

Factors That Affect Cost

Keep in mind that if you buy a purebred dog, it’s going to cost you a lot more. Nevertheless, Havanese dogs don’t come cheap. Their initial costs range from 1000 to 15000. But in some cases, it may go up to 2500 dollars. 

For shows, purebred Havanese, there are so many factors to take into consideration.

1. Age

If you’re willing to buy a Havanese for shows and competitions, you wouldn’t mind getting an adult. But most people prefer buying a puppy from 5-8 weeks. This is the ideal age to bond with the dog. And it defines the formative years of a Havanese for training, feedback, etc. 

Hence, the price of a Havanese puppy is higher and more in demand. Adult Havanese dogs are already trained and vetted. It’s on you to decide what age you want to buy. Such dogs may come with behavioral issues. Otherwise, they’re rescues or bred for shows and competitions itself. 

The latter factor may increase the cost of a Havanese a bit. But it’s definitely not going to be as expensive as buying a puppy. 

2. Registration / Certification

This is to validate the quality and heritage of the Havanese. People looking for a new home pet won’t bother about this factor a lot. It’s for the people looking to enroll their dogs in shows and competitions. 

Looking for the terms “CKC” or “AKC” for proper registration. This means the breeder is certified, reliable, and follows certain rules for purebred.

If you’re rescuing a Havanese from a shelter, there are papers for that too. The dog’s medical history, certificates of his/her parents, date of admission, etc. This knowledge will help you even if you’re looking for a home pet. To know if your dog is sick and how you can treat him/her and medication bills.

Caring for A Havanese

Havanese dogs, like any other dog, need time and effort. You can’t bring up a new member of the family on your own conditions. It’s almost like bringing home a new baby. There’s grooming, feeding, bathing, and health checkups. 

Havanese dogs are distinct because of their coat. The long hair must be maintained, even if at home, regularly. This means giving your dog a bath weekly and brushing once a day. Havanese is a non-shedding dog but you have to maintain that! If you don’t brush your dog, it may cause hair to fall or dry hair.

If you don’t have the time, it will cost you. Sending your dog to the grooming salon will do a better job of it. But only that it will cost you a fortune each time. Havanese dogs need a haircut once in 2 months. Their double coat gets thicker and thicker to brush if you don’t do it daily. 

Besides hair, Havanese dogs grow long nails and face dental issues. So regular check-ups for nail trimming and dental cleaning are necessary.


This smart, playful breed needs your care and attention. Maybe not so much of your money unless you’re looking for a show quality dog. Havanese won’t cause a nuisance at home as they’re not aggressive dogs. 

If they’re trained and happy, they maintain calm and position home environments. Nobody likes to come home to a loud and mischievous dog. That being said, Havanese dogs live for 15 years, they’re lightweight and easy to feed. 

All you have to do is keep their calorie intake within control. And you won’t find yourself spending a lot of money on food. Even their special diet food is affordable packed with important nutrients. This just goes to how adaptable Havanese dogs are.

Now, you finally know how much a Havanese costs. Don’t buy too cheap or too extravagant. It’s a red flag if the breeder denies giving you pedigree documents. And it’s also a red flag if they deny showing the dog’s medical history if you’re adopting an adult. So be up and wake up!

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