How Much Does a Miniature Schnauzer Cost? (most useful tips you need to know)

Miniature Schnauzers are as the name suggests. The small but adorably cute version of standard Schnauzers. But don’t be fooled by their small size. These little creatures share the same temperament as standard Schnauzers. 

They are strong, playful, and extremely active. They would do anything to have you look at or play with them. But is buying a pet Miniature Schnauzer as joyful as frolicking with them? How much does a Miniature Schnauzer cost?

Despite their small size, Miniature Schnauzers are extraverts. They can chase rats and furry little things all over your yard. Their high-strung behavior is often perceived as good sense. But it may backfire if you don’t train them well.

How Much Does a Miniature Schnauzer Cost?


Miniature Schnauzers are positive dogs, no doubt. And there are two ways to buy them. I’m talking about age. 

Puppies cost less than adult Miniature Schnauzers. The average cost of a puppy falls somewhere between 500 to 2700 dollars. Sounds pretty steep, huh? If you want to buy an adult, show-quality Miniature Schnauzer, get ready to pay more!

There are plenty of perks in buying a Miniature Schnauzer. They’re easily available, in demand, and adaptable. So once you do take one home, with proper training and care, she would feel home. Besides, you wouldn’t have to spend a fortune on shipping costs. Because they’re not a rare breed.

Where Should I Go?

Where you buy a Miniature Schnauzer from is a big deal. And it can make a huge difference to your expenditure. If you buy from a local backyard seller, it’s probably cheaper. But trusting such breeders is always a problem. You don’t know if they have the proper certifications or registrations. 

And it’s always important to demand and receive proper paperwork on your dog. Her health check-ups, vaccinations, etc. If you’re interested in shows and competitions, knowing pedigree is also apt.

Some people opt for a readily available Schnauzer when they see one. It’s not like the others where they go through the whole booking process. Contact a breeder and pay extra for the phase of breeding for raising new puppies.

This, as you must have already guessed it, costs a lot more than 3000 dollars. Professional pet breeding is an industry in itself. When a type of dog breed is in high demand and more people are willing to pay a higher price for it. Why wouldn’t the demand to meet its supply?

The average cost of going through this process is between 7000 to 15,000 dollars. No kidding. The price varies from breeder to breeder. So do your research and then jump on the wagon.

The Problem with Puppy Mills

I see you’ve found the dark world of puppy mills. Puppy mills are these treacherous places where they accelerate the breeding of puppies. The pet breeding industry hasn’t become a billion-dollar industry overnight!

Some breeders resort to inhuman and irresponsible practices to get there. This means jeopardizing the puppy’s health, her parent’s health, etc. These organizations quicken the breeding process which is bad in itself. But they do so using the cheapest of resources. That’s even worse!

So if you’re buying a Miniature Schnauzer for really cheap, don’t be relieved. It’s most likely that the puppy has some temperament, health, and emotional issues. Taking care of such a pet, as devastating it must be for her, can contribute to long-term costs. 

The best way to put a stop to such a criminal practice is to stop demanding. Here’s what you can do instead.

Can I Adopt a Miniature Schnauzer Puppy?


You can rescue a puppy from a shelter to provide shelter and comfort. This is not about bringing home a “broken” dog. Lots of pet shelter organizations offer high-quality breeds. This includes purebred Schnauzers. 

If you’re looking for a show-quality dog, you may find this difficult. Contacting a breeder is usually the right way to go. But for others, there’s nothing more rewarding than rescuing a dog. 

Even if you’re going through a breeder, make sure it’s not puppy mills. There are reputable breeders that may cost you less and no malpractice. This not only affects cost, but it affects the life of your pet.

What About Long-Term Expenses?

A lot of you want to know about the monthly expenditure of Miniature Schnauzers. It’s just as important as finding out about the upfront costs. So I get it!

Everything you think is important and necessary for your pet is. But the must-haves that contribute to cost are food, training, bedding, and grooming. These are essential factors of consideration that you shouldn’t do without.

Based on a Miniature Schnauzer’s size, they’re affordable. Studies show the smaller the dog, the lesser the cost of taking care of them. Miniature Schnauzers need effective training as that does not depend on her size. They’re hyper dogs that need to release all that pent up energy. So regular walks are also a must!

Then comes the medical bills. It would be really unrealistic to never expect your dog to get sick. According to research, Miniature Schnauzers are more likely to catch the following illnesses. Bladder stones, diabetes, allergies, epilepsy, and pancreatic disorders. 

A Schnauzer would need high-quality and protein-rich food to live a healthy life. Keep her groomed, active, and well-rested. All these factors delay health problems and promise a longer life.


Raising a Miniature Schnauzer has never been clearer. You can buy a small puppy from a breeder or a rescue shelter. If you’re looking to spend a few extra bucks, go for a breeder. This may even open up the chances of you enrolling your Schnauzer in a pet show. 

But it’s more about adopting a dog than the cost for you, a rescue shelter is ideal. There you can adopt a pet for as little as 50 to 300 dollars. That’s 10x less than what you’d pay to a breeder! Think about it.

This article lays down all the options for you. What do you need to expect from a Miniature Schnauzer? What are the best locations to buy? Why is doing your research important? And what are the additional costs?

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