How to Stop Your Dog From Shedding

Shedding can be an inevitable process for all dogs, yet can become a source of frustration for their owners when piles of fur accumulate on furniture and carpet. Furthermore, excessive shedding could indicate any number of health issues in your pup.

No matter if your dog sheds on a regular or irregular basis, there are ways to help control shedding. Use these cost-effective strategies to minimize it:


Shedding is an expected part of life for dogs, but excessive shedding could be a telltale sign that something else is amiss – such as health issues or poor nutrition. While you cannot fully prevent your pup from shedding, there are steps you can take to limit how much fur ends up on your clothes, furniture and floors.

Starting today, make a habit of brushing your dog at least once daily to remove dead hair that otherwise falls off on its own and prevent it from clogging up your vacuum cleaner or accumulating around the house. Brushing is also a great way to bond with and show affection toward your pup!

When coats start shedding heavily, switch brushes for something more effective such as a shedding blade or glove brush. These tools feature a metal loop band with small serrated teeth on one side that you can run through your dog’s coat to gently remove loose hair. They’re especially beneficial for dogs with shorter coats and may even help improve circulation by dispersing natural oils through massage techniques.

Regular baths are an integral component of reducing pet shedding. A high quality shampoo such as Earthbath Shed Control Shampoo can help dislodge loose hair, dander and dirt from your pet’s fur while simultaneously moisturizing their skin and encouraging a shiny coat. Be wary not to give too many baths though as too often can cause dryness. If your pup continues shedding excessively despite these measures taken against him/her, consult a veterinarian immediately; they’ll be able to identify underlying health issues before helping bring them back into shape!


Dogs fed diets rich in quality vitamins and minerals, along with regular grooming sessions, tend to shed much less. Frequent grooming sessions help loosen and remove fur that would otherwise fall off as shedding. A high-quality shedding shampoo such as FURminator DeShedding Ultra Premium Shampoo may also be effective at minimizing shedding by strengthening their coat and skin health through ingredients such as Omega-3 fatty acids, Calendula extract, papaya leaf extract.

Although it may seem counterproductive, bathing your dog regularly is important in helping reduce shedding by clearing away build-ups of dirt and debris that leads to dry skin and hair. When choosing the shampoo to use for bathing your pup, select one with mild shampoo ingredients so as to preserve their natural oils without stripping away their natural luster.

Shedding is a normal part of pet ownership and should affect every dog to some degree. But if your pup seems to shed excessively or you find a lot of fur on your furniture and clothing, then it may be time for a visit to your veterinarian. They will be able to determine if there is an underlying medical issue that needs addressing and work with you towards finding an ideal solution.

Implementing measures to control shedders can significantly decrease the amount of fur on clothing and furniture, including regular grooming, balanced nutrition, proper hydration and the use of shedding tools. By taking these steps to control shedders you can keep your home looking tidy and healthy!


Shedding is a natural part of dog ownership and should not be seen as an indicator of health issues or poor diet. There are various strategies available to reduce shedding in your canine companion and prevent wild furballs in your home.

Begin by brushing and bathing your dog regularly; this helps remove loose, dead hairs as well as prevent tangles from developing. Regular grooming sessions also helps decrease allergen, odor, and dust spread by your pup’s fur, with quality pet grooming gloves being ideal for getting under their paw pads to remove fur build-up.

Start by feeding your pet high quality food. Cheaper dog foods often contain fillers that can make digestion difficult for dogs and may increase shedding levels. Instead, opt for high quality pet foods with meat as the primary ingredient – this will greatly decrease his or her shedding! A balanced and nutritional diet is key in controlling shedding levels in dogs.

Make sure that your pup is drinking enough water every day; dehydration can cause dry skin and lead to increased shedding. As a general guideline, your pup should consume an ounce of water per pound of body weight daily.

Shedding can be frustrating for both you and your pet, but it’s essential to understand when normal shedding is occurring or when it signals an underlying issue. By following a regiment of brushing, bathing, grooming and proper nutrition you can reduce their shedding significantly, thus preventing wild fur catastrophe in your home!


Shedding is a natural canine behavior, yet many owners struggle with the amount of hair that sheds into their homes. If you suffer from allergies to pet dander or are simply tired of cleaning up fur balls, finding ways to minimize shedding may help keep your home cleaner and healthier. Regular grooming sessions, baths, balanced nutrition and ample water consumption all can reduce shedding; using an effective deshedding tool may also prove valuable in cutting down on excess fur build-up around your house.

A slicker brush or bristle or curry brush can help remove loose hair that contributes to excessive shedding, while a shedding blade can further help by taking away loose fur before it has the chance to land on floors or furniture. Shedding blades feature metal loops with small serrated teeth for you to gently brush against their coat to remove loose fur while giving a mini massage!

If your pup seems to be shedding more than usual, consult your veterinarian to ascertain whether there might be an underlying condition that needs to be addressed. Shedding could be indicative of allergies, thyroid conditions or infections which should be managed by them directly.

If your pup is shedding excessively, consider increasing their protein intake to support their skin and coat health. Supplements such as Omega-3 from green-lipped mussel extract may help improve fatty acid levels and support shiny coats. Likewise, make sure they always have access to clean water as this will ensure proper hydration – the general rule being an ounce per pound of bodyweight each day is generally recommended for optimal hydration levels in dogs.

Stress Management

Shedding is a natural process for dogs’ coats to shed old, detached and damaged hairs in order to make room for fresh growth and keep the coat full and healthy. Unfortunately, some breeds shed more than others and a home full of dog fur can be frustrating for pet parents.

There are a number of strategies that can help to reduce shedding in dogs, such as quality diet and grooming, stress reduction techniques, treating any health conditions which might be contributing to excessive shedding, as well as treating any underlying causes that contribute to excessive shedding.

If your dog seems to be shedding more than usual, seek medical attention immediately. Excessive shedding could be an indicator of thyroid or allergy-related health conditions; additionally if they show any signs of anxiety such as panting and licking it’s essential that work be done with a behavioral specialist to identify and alleviate stress causes.

Maintain a regular bath schedule to reduce shedding by washing away much of their excess fur, significantly decreasing how much ends up on furniture and carpets. If your pup has sensitive skin, try Earthbath Shed Control Shampoo which contains anti-itching and soothing ingredients to ensure maximum effectiveness in this strategy.

Alongside regular brushing and bathing sessions, it’s also essential to provide your dog with their own blanket to avoid continuous shedding on beds and couches. Regular grooming appointments with professional services like Barkbus can also help ensure that excess and dead hair removal occurs – keeping your pup looking their best and making cleaning up much simpler!

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