How to Teach Your Dog Tricks? (Top 5 Most Common Tricks)

Who doesn’t love a funny and intelligent dog? It’s so much more rewarding if you’ve taught your dog all these tricks. It’s not easy, I’ll give you that. But this article will give you a concise and straightforward guide to how to teach your dog tricks.

I’ll be covering all the basic trick commands. It doesn’t matter if you have a grumpy puppy or an active one. These basics will have you covered for good. They’re fun, crowd-pleasing, and intelligent. 

It’s a beautiful thing, really. To put your whole and soul into teaching your dog tricks. It creates a special and stronger bond between you and your dog. So all the more reason to do this, right?

How to Teach Your Dog Tricks?

The basics include teaching your dog to “sit” and “stay” and go “down.” These three commands are important if you want to really learn how to teach your dog tricks. 

But before we begin, let me just say this. Training your dog a few tricks may be more exciting for you than your dog. For your dog, this is a training exercise and not playtime. It’s mentally and physically stimulating. So take your time and don’t tire your dog out

10 minutes a day for teaching your dog tricks is sufficient. Stretching the time means tiring out your dog which could lead to some behavioral issues. 

With that out the way, let’s begin.

1. Rolling Over


This is the oldest trick in the book. The first thing you do is get your down to sit down and stay. Make sure your dog is focused only on you and your hand gestures. And take a small treat in your right hand and make sure your dog sees it. 

Gently graze the back of your dog’s head in a clockwise direction. So your dog looks from left to back to right. This will compel your dog to roll back without sitting up or standing. 

Once your dog is facing behind him and his body automatically rolls over. Let him sniff the treat in that position and reward him. Say enthusiastic phrases like “such a good boy” to keep the training positive.

The second time you do this, use the term “roll” as soon as your dog rolls. Do this a few more times with the command and praise if he does it correctly. 

In case your dog’s not getting it, don’t push too hard. Take your time and if it’s getting too frustrated for you, try the next day. These things take time.

2. Spinning in a Circle

This is the simplest trick in the book. You just have to make your dog follow the treat in your hand. Dogs always trust their nose to catch treats. So use that to your advantage. 

Go in wide circles with your hand with the treat. Your dog should be able to sniff and follow your hand in circles. Say the command “spin” right before you start. Do this a few times and reward your dog for good behavior. 

Once you think he’s right, either say the command “spin” or make a gesture. Move your wrist in a circular motion with your index finger pointing up or down. This should encourage your dog to spin in a circle as if he’s trying to catch his tail.

3. That’s a High-Five!


A handshake or a high-five, this trick is the smoothest, right? It’s adorable when your dog can shake your hand. The only basic command to set started is that your dog should know how to “sit.”

To get your dog to shake or lift his paw, gently tickle or nudge the back of her paw. Maybe behind the leg where it meets the ribs. As soon as he lifts his paw, say “shake” or “high-five.”

If he allows you to hold his paw in your hand, give him a treat. Then go a step further by holding a treat in your hand and raising the bar. This means your dog should not only lift his paw but touch your hand that’s slightly higher. 

Do this a few times until your dog gets it right. And he will if you follow these steps carefully. This trick is easy but takes a while to teach. So be patient and keep practicing.

4. Give a Kiss

True dog lovers who don’t mind the wet and sloppy kiss love this! It’s a simple trick that takes just a few practice runs. All you have to do is put a treat near your lips or on your cheeks. Don’t let your dog go for the treat just yet. 

Say the command “give kiss” and then let your dog lick it off your face. Do this a few more times and you won’t have to place a treat on your cheek anymore. 

This is a good training method to encourage healthy affection. When you don’t want your dog to lick your face you can teach him to kiss on cue. Dogs tend to resort to unwanted kissing and licking when you come home for a few hours. To control this behavior, the “give a kiss” trick is most advantageous.

5. The Tunnel Crawl

I love this trick! It’s so unique and great to look at. You start by placing a chair between you and your dog. Lure your dog with a treat to come to you by getting under the chair. So he crawls on his belly as if army crawling your way to you. 

Once he does it right with a single chair, add another chair. So that’s two chairs lined up between your dog and you. Keep at it until your dog crawls under 4 chairs as if through a tunnel. 

This is an impressive conditioning exercise for dogs. It’s a trick but it can tire your dog out perfectly well. Make sure the space between the floor and chair isn’t too cramped. Your dog may hurt himself crawling under the chair. Discard any sharp screws or wooden chips out of the way.


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You may consider dog training to be dreary and boring. But it can be fun if you do it right. How to teach your dog tricks is special. 

And these are exciting and tempting dog tricks. They look good when you do it in front of an audience. But they’re just as special to create a healthy and loving bond with your dog. On a more personal level, such tricks encourage better mental stimulation. They make your dog smarter, that’s for sure!

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