What is the Best Food For a Cat With Hyperthyroidism?

An individual with hyperthyroidism must eat a diet high in proteins and low in phosphates if kidney disease is part of his/her condition.

A diet rich in easily digested protein can help a cat regain weight and muscle mass after surgery or radioactive iodine treatment, particularly since wet food increases water intake. For this purpose, canned wet food may be preferable over dry kibble as its higher water intake allows more rapid recovery.

Merrick Backcountry Grain-Free Chicken Recipe

Merrick Backcountry Grain-Free Chicken Recipe is an ancestrally inspired canned food designed to provide your pet with high levels of protein and moisture. Real deboned chicken is the primary ingredient, followed by turkey liver for additional protein intake and chicken broth to add moisture and provide essential vitamins and minerals.

This recipe was designed to meet the nutritional standards set forth by AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for maintenance. Additionally, this formula features moderate levels of pork fat which could appeal to cats with allergies to beef or fish products; in addition, dried egg product, potato protein and guar gum may all provide high amounts of moisture needed for hyperthyroid cats.

Though there have been concerns, this product still earned a positive overall nutrition score with an AAFCO rating of 4.5 stars. Notably, its top ingredients do not contain fillers or by-products which is promising; furthermore, no added hormones or antibiotics were included either, making this recipe another win-win scenario.

Another feature that sets this food apart is its low calorie count, which helps your pet remain lean. Furthermore, this food boasts an exceptional safety record and is produced in the US.

Hot extruding is a manufacturing technique which uses heat and pressure to produce pet foods, producing moisture-rich formulas with increased digestibility. Unfortunately, this food contains one synthetic additive (potassium carbonate) as well as two potentially questionable ingredients (Locust bean gum and xanthan gum), though these may be safe in small amounts; they could interfere with absorption of some essential vitamins or lead to digestive issues in pets that have sensitivities to gluten or wheat which could cause vomiting, diarrhea and itching in some.

Nulo Freestyle Turkey & Chicken Recipe

Nulo Freestyle pet foods put cat and kitten health first, offering grain-free wet and dry recipes high in meat protein with moderate fat and low carbohydrates, supplemented by high-viability probiotics for improved gut health and most free from artificial ingredients. Their wet recipe features turkey, chicken liver and tuna as primary animal-based proteins; alongside pumpkin and cranberries for additional nutrition. In addition, their formula contains chelated minerals which have been chemically attached to proteins so as to be easily absorbed by their bodies.

Food produced at this location in the United States uses high-quality ingredients sourced from around the world, including poultry, fish, and meat from North America, vegetables from France Spain New Zealand as well as vitamins minerals nutrient packs made here that contain certified organic supplements.

Nulo’s most beloved products include its industry-leading Freestyle grain-free kibbles with industry-leading meat levels and low carb counts to promote lean muscle growth. In addition, Nulo offers wet foods as well as Perfect Purees pouches which contain delicious treats without any sticky or starchy fillers for side dishes and food toppers; such as pumpkin, sweet potato, peas, barley oats millet.

Nulo’s wet and dry foods are produced exclusively in the US with exception to their pouches which are produced in Thailand. Their products are guaranteed free from carrageenan, artificial preservatives and flavors, corn, wheat and soy and come complete with phone support, email customer service as well as an expansive website featuring educational articles, videos, forums and more – for customer support they are also accessible via phone, email and on social media!

Nulo offers this wet food as a moderately-priced option that contains three distinct sources of protein in its recipe – turkey, chicken and tuna. In addition, tomatoes provide plenty of vitamins and dietary fiber; dried kelp is nutritionally dense, naturally rich in minerals and provides another concentrated source of meaty taste cats love; natural flavor made from hydrolyzed animal tissue adds concentrated sources of the meaty taste cats crave; this formula also features chelated minerals along with other vitamins and nutrients to provide complete coverage.

Taste of the Wild Canyon River Grain-Free Canned Food

If your cat has undergone radioactive iodine therapy for hyperthyroidism, some veterinarians may suggest making changes to his or her diet to facilitate its recovery. A hyperthyroid diet can help decrease excess thyroid hormone production while helping regain weight and muscle mass.

Diets that emphasize protein over carbohydrates can help your cat re-gain weight and recover from hyperthyroidism, according to research published in the Journal of Veterinary Medicine. According to their studies, researchers discovered that following such diets reduced thyroid hormone levels; since glucose is used by the thyroid gland as energy source and controlling metabolism is the key.

Many foods available for cats with hyperthyroidism contain protein and low carbohydrates. This is because increased metabolic activity causes weight loss and muscle mass reduction due to hyperthyroidism; so a diet high in protein will help them regain lost weight while simultaneously building new muscle tissue.

Your hyperthyroid cat may benefit from high-protein canned and dry food options available at most pet stores to aid weight regain. But before making your selection, be sure that they eat a diet tailored specifically to their individual needs – for instance if they suffer from kidney disease it would not be wise to feed a high protein diet, as it could lead to dehydration and other complications.

Hyperthyroid cats benefit from eating meat-based food as this will increase their protein intake. One such option is Taste of the Wild Canyon River Grain-Free Canned Food which features trout, ocean fish meal and smoked salmon – all high protein sources – without corn, wheat or soy fillers or artificial preservatives, plus boasts a high moisture content to encourage them to drink more water.

Hill’s Prescription Diet y/d Thyroid Care Cat Food may also help hyperthyroid cats. Specifically designed to improve thyroid health and has been proven effective within three weeks. This food limits iodine consumption to stop overproduction of thyroid hormones while simultaneously improving urinary, heart, kidney health as well as supporting an effective immune system and providing for healthier coat and skin in hyperthyroid cats.

Smalls Fresh Food

If your cat has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, he may be losing weight even though eating more than usual due to increased thyroid hormone production. Luckily, this condition is treatable and your feline friend should regain his weight through curative treatments and an increase in protein-based foods.

Food designed specifically to support cats with hyperthyroidism should meet both their high metabolic needs while aiding muscle building and providing them with enough extra calories to combat any unexplained weight loss. Look for canned food containing moderate-to-high levels of animal protein and fat for your feline friend to eat enough, plus formulas with added supplements to ensure balanced nutrition.

Most veterinarians recommend feeding your cat food that is low in fiber to aid with its digestion process; however, as some cats may be sensitive to this diet change. Always consult a veterinarian prior to making any dietary adjustments for your cat.

Smalls Fresh Food High-Protein Canned Cat Food provides your feline friend with protein rich food without an overload of carbohydrates, with turkey and chicken serving up high levels of meat proteins for their daily needs. Plus organ meats and beef heart are added for extra vitamins and nutrients! What’s more, its unique formula features minimal iodine levels to prevent an excess production of thyroid hormones!

While hyperthyroidism typically develops after age 12, it can appear much earlier – especially among Siamese, Burmese, Himalayan and Persian breeds. Triggering factors for hyperthyroidism in cats include genetics, environmental stressors and other health concerns.

Once your cat has completed hyperthyroidism treatment with oral medications, radioactive iodine therapy or thyroidectomy and has gained weight again, he or she should transition back onto its usual diet unless specifically directed otherwise by his/her vet. However, follow their dietary recommendations until otherwise instructed by them.

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